Mark Shuttleworth intervistato da Linux-Magazine Italia

Mark Shuttleworth ha recentemente rilasciato un intervista a Vincenzo Ciaglia di Linux-Magazine Italia. Penso che la traduzione verrà pubblicatra sul prossimo numero della rivista. Le domande sono quasi tutte incentrate su Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. Vengono però affrontati altri temi interessanti come: la nascita della Canonical, la collaborazione tra Novell e Microsoft, e il ruolo di Ubuntu nel panorama Gnu/Linux.

Eccone un estratto:

1) Hi Mark, thank you for your availability. Some simple questions to introduce you to our readers to start. What’s your role at Ubuntu/Canonical and what do you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?
My favourite sport is snowboarding, and I enjoy travel to tropical spots. But ultimately I’m happiest when I’m being a geek, reading, playing games or relaxing with friends.

2) You’re the founder of Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. Why do you decided to invest a lot of dollars (10$ million) to start up the company? In which fields does it work to make its business? How do you make the company sustainable?
The vision of Ubuntu and Canonical is a symbiotic one. We believe that Linux has grown to the point where it is possible to build the platform at a low enough cost to make it sustainable purely though services around it, rather than through licensing the platform. In other words, we think that support, training, online services, and professional engineering for people who want to adapt Ubuntu commercially will earn enough money to pay for Ubuntu itself.

That means that we can fundamentally change the business model of the OS industry. Of course, it till take time to prove that we can achieve this, but we have a superb team and now that Ubuntu is well established we see increasing demand for services from Canonical, which is positive.

Qui trovate il resto dell’intervista.

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3 Risposte to “Mark Shuttleworth intervistato da Linux-Magazine Italia”

  1. e quando mail….linux magazine dovrebbe chiamarsi *BUNTU MAGAZINE

  2. telperion Says:

    MBUTU magazine

  3. killer1987 Says:

    concordo, questa mania con ubuntu mi sta prendendo all’anima..

    apt-get uninstall linux-magazine-it (se non sbaglio)


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